Regular trainings

Fee per month for LMRK members*Fee per month for non LMRK members
1x per week (4 dressage trainings)70 EUR80 EUR
1x per week (3 dressage + 1 jumping trainings)80 EUR90 EUR
2x per week (4 dressage + 4 jumping trainings)130 EUR150 EUR
3x per week (8 dressage + 4 jumping trainings)190 EUR220 EUR
4x per week (12 dressage + 4 jumping trainings)250 EUR290 EUR
Additional dressage training20 EUR20 EUR
Additional jumping training30 EUR30 EUR


  • Trainings are held all year around.
  • The training fees are paid in advance, and the training fee is valid for 4 weeks (hereinafter monthly fee).
  • Trainings missed for a reason (eg illness) can be made up for by agreement with the trainer.
  • Monthly fee for LMRK members is valid only if 1) the yearly fee of Liivimaa Ratsaklubi membership has been paid to SEB pank (EE341010102001540004). The LMRK yearly fee for students is 7 EUR and adults 10 EUR. 2) the parent has confirmed the participation of the child in our trainings in the Tartu City Council homepage in October.
  • At the beginning of each training session, the trainer will give the student a horse based on the student’s level.
  • A riding lesson consists of 1) getting the horse from the paddock, cleaning and putting on the equipment, 2) a training lesson (lasting at least 45 minutes), 3) taking off the equipment, taking the horse back to the paddock, and the equipment back to its place.
  • A helmet is always worn in riding lessons! If you don’t have your own helmet, you can get one from the riding school (included in the price).
  • When jumping the students are required to wear a safety vest! If you don’t have your own safety vest, you can get one from the riding school (included in the price).
  • Students who take participate in dressage trainings at least once a week can participate in jumping trainings. If the student regularly attends dressage training once a week and wants to additionally participate in jumping training, the fee for additional jumping training is 30 euros.
  • All students belonging to the training groups are required to participate in activities related to taking care of horses, maintenance of training equipment and organizing of competitions under the guidance of the trainer according to the schedule announced in advance and coordinated with the student.
  • Students are required to be helpful, polite and friendly towards animals and other people. Students have the responsibility to follow the trainer’s instructions and orders. Equestrian sports involve an increased risk of accidents and/or possible damage. The riding school is not responsible for causing property and/or non-property damage, including bodily injury or health damage. It is advisable to have an health insurance.

Renting of the horse

If a students wants to participate in trainings only with one specific horse, then it is possible to rent it.

Horse rent per month
1x per week without jumping training150 EUR
2x per week290 EUR
3X per week, incl 1 jumping training430 EUR
4X per week, incl 1 jumping training570 EUR
Additional trainings (prior agreement with trainer is needed)40 EUR

Rent conditions:

  • Renting the horse is only available to those who participate in Saksa Ratsakool trainings.
  • The payment for the horse rent will be paid in advance for 4 weeks based on the number of trainings per week. Before the payment, the number of trainings and specific training sessions will be agreed with the trainer.
  • Independent trainings without the presence of a trainer are not allowed for minors. For adults, the independent trainings are possible in case of previous agreement.

One-time riding sessions

1x group training35 EUR
1x group training with personal horse15 EUR
Private training (dressage) with Saksa Ratsakool’ horse (1 person)50 EUR/ person
Private training (dressage) with Saksa Ratsakool’ horse (min 2 persons)45 EUR/ person
Private training (jumping) with Saksa Ratsakool’ horse60 EUR/ person
Private training with personal horse40 EUR
Participation in competitions with Saksa Ratsakooli horse20 EUR

Other services

Locker in dressing room or saddle room15 EUR/month
Horse accommodation350-450 EUR + VAT
Putting on and taking of the blanket on daily bases30 EUR/ 1 blanket
Solarium15 EUR/month
Other special wishesBy arrangement for an additional fee


Training and one-time riding services are offered at the Saksa Riding School by the Liivimaa Riding Club and the Non-profit Sports and Leisure Society Viplala. Exact billing information can be obtained from Terje.

For horse rent and other services please pay to:

Reg. kood: 16132620
IBAN: EE851010220289843227

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